“Resilience and Adventure”/ My time in NTU has been one of the most adventurous journeys in my life. As I look back, I see how life responsibilities grew in tandem with the social responsibilities an aspiring social scientist would shoulder. While a student, I became a husband, a social entrepreneur, and a father. Undertaking these roles, with the thesis at the back of my mind, brought immeasurable joy./ More importantly, this journey nurtured my interest in the discipline, critical thinking, creativity, and most crucially, resilience, through five unexpected losses. First, the loss of data access when I was ready to begin writing the thesis. Second, the loss of full-time job income that financed my studies. Third, the loss of a best friend whom I turn to for much emotional strength especially in the face of academic frustrations. Fourth, the loss of my mother due to terminal illness, which challenged me to practise what I preach and teach – family caregiving. Finally, the sudden loss of my father during the Circuit Breaker, just before I could break the news of my success in the oral examination./ I am indebted to the staff at SSS, my advisor, and my mates. I did not make it. We made it.

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Wayne Freeman Chong

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