Phan Quang Gia Chuong

Ph.D. (SPMS)
Graduated with the bachelor’s degree from the Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, NTU, I was offered a chance to embark on a post-graduate study journey in the same division. Little did I know that this decision was the best choice in my life.
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Foong Ruyi

School of Computer Science and Engineering
It has been a long journey of research and self-discovery; I wish everyone all the best moving forward and that you will find joy in all that you undertake.

Zhang Jing

Ph.D. (EEE)
I would like to express the most sincere and heartfelt thanks to my supervisor, Prof. WEI Lei, for his enlightening guidance and constant encouragement.  His excellent insights in academic research and personal charisma influenced me and promoted my growth during the past
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Loh XiaoJuan

Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation
I would describe my postgraduate studies in NTU as a magical journey. It was a fruitful one with the opportunity to undergo an immersion programme at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), where I get to experience life as a student living overseas.
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Foong Ruyi

School of Computer Science and Engineering
The post-graduate journey was full of uncertainties and difficulties, but because of that, I have grown in my Christian faith, been humbled by the support of many - supervisors, lab mates, family and friends, and learned that truly no man is an island.
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Muhammad Idaffi Bin Othman

MSc (International Relations)
Deciding to pursue my Master’s degree in the coveted RSIS has got to be one of my best decisions. Completing the programme full-time in ten months while juggling a demanding full-time job did not at all dilute the enriching and fulfilling experience I’ve had.
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Ng Nga Yee Cheryl

Msc Applied Gerontology
What creative energy from our Arts, Ageing & Wellness course-mates when the Singapore COVID 19 Circuit Breaker put paid to our preparation to run Arts Workshops for our Graduating Project!
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Zhang Sheng

Ph.D. (EEE)
I am very lucky to study at NTU, especially with my supervisors. They treat me like their child and guide me all along.
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Priyatharisini D/O Sukumaran Nair

MEd (Early Childhood)
Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” (John Dewey) It felt like it was just yesterday when I receive my admission letter to NTU/NIE.  
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Gidwani Akshay Niranja

MSc (Mechanical Engineering)
For many of the graduates, postgraduates and on a deeper level everyone this year, an experience like covid - 19 is one that you may have never faced previously.
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Astorga Solange Elizabeth

Ph.D. (MSE)
As part of my Ph.D. journey, I was awarded the "St Gallen wings of excellence" award for my essay titled "The price of an overwhelming development".
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Li Xin Shuo

Dear all students of the Class of 2020, Sincere congratulations on your graduation from this prestigious university!
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Sow Yi Wen

MSc (International Relations)
I am Yi Wen. I still remembered the moment when I received the offer letter from RSIS one year ago. I feel very happy and grateful that I would be enter into RSIS and become part of the RSIS and student of NTU.
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Sreeja Narayanankutty

Yes…We are a special batch of 2020… A Big Congrats to all graduating this year!!! A Big Thanks To NTU!!!! Heartfelt Thanks to my Supervisor, Assoc Prof Premchand Dommaraju!!!!
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Yao Shuhan

Ph.D. (IGS-Sustainable Earth)
After four years of fantastic PhD journey with NTU IGS (IGP), I am heading on to new adventures. Thanks to everyone who made my PhD journey special. I also wish to express my appreciation and gratitude to my parents and my wife for their warmest love.

Wayne Freeman Chong

Ph.D., Psychology, Social Sciences​
“Resilience and Adventure”/ My time in NTU has been one of the most adventurous journeys in my life. As I look back, I see how life responsibilities grew in tandem with the social responsibilities an aspiring social scientist would shoulder.

Daniel Lu

Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary Graduate School)
4 years ago, I was dubious regarding this academic journey whether it would lead to where I set out to. Today I am proud to say it didn’t, but it presented me the opportunities that I never expected. Having the privilege to study at London and Sydney while attending NTU was an incredible experience, aside from career elevation, it witnessed the blooms of meaningful friendships and valuable moments of self-consciousness. I am grateful!

Murugesan Manikandan

MSC (Computer Control & Automation)
First of all, I would like to thank my Friend(An NTU Alumni) for recommended and guided me for admission. A special thanks to my Friends who helped during this wonder learning period and i would like to dedicate my achievement. A hearty thanks for NTU and all staff for this wonderful opportunity. Lastly, I would like to thank my wife, Parents and God for the encouragement and support rendered. All the best to all Graduates and Wishing you best in your lives.

Liu Xiaoyu

I would like to express the most heartful thanks to my supervisor, Prof. Xiang liming, for her patient guidance. Her serious attitude in woking and academic research influence me. I also would like to express thanks to all my friends and thank you for your support all the time. The graduate is not the end, it is just the beginning of our new life.

Shankar Acharya Kamarajugedda

It has been a wonderful journey at Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme (IGP), NTU from 2016 to 2020. This PhD has ushered me through various phases of the journey via building motivation, patience, endurance, positive frame of mind and much more. I always believe in life-long learning aspect and this journey at NTU has inspired me to “move forward and scale high”. On this occasion, I would like to thank everyone who have been a part of my journey and also would wish all Great Health and Beautiful Life ahead!