Enjoy lifelong learning

Through these Continuing Education and Training (CET) courses, Class of 2020 Graduate can also diversify their skills even if they are unrelated to their disciplines by building industry-relevant skills to better equip themselves for the workforce with additional qualification certificates.

Graduates will be able to choose from a wide spectrum of multi-disciplinary areas offered by NTU’s colleges and schools, institutes and centres to expand their knowledge and skills at their own time and pace, and at the same time remain competitive and improve career-prospect in this fast-growing industry.   ​

Each package takes about 3 to 6 months to complete. For more information, please visit PaCE@NTU.

Graduate Certificate

​​No. ​​Graduate Certificate Title​ ​School​ ​Link
​1 ​Graduate Certificate in Curriculum and Teaching​ ​NIE Register here​
​2 Graduate Certificate in Drama Education ​​NIE Register here
​3 ​Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Studies ​NIE ​Register here
​4 ​Graduate Certificate in Science Education ​​NIE Register here
​5 ​Graduate Certificate in Assessment in Education​ ​​NIE Register here
​6 ​Graduate Certificate in Understanding Diverse Learners ​​NIE Register here
​7 ​Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design ​​NIE Register here
​8 ​Graduate Certificate in Professional Training and Development ​​NIE Register here
​9 ​Graduate Certificate in Technology for Teaching and Learning ​​NIE Register here
​10 ​Graduate Certificate in Technopreneurship and Innovation ​NTC Register here
​11 ​Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Engineering ​MAE ​Register here​
​12 ​Graduate Certificate in Power Engineering ​EEE Register here​
​13 ​Graduate Certificate in Electronics ​EEE Register here​
14​ Graduate Certificate ​​in Information and Telecommunication Engineering​ ​EEE Register here​
​15 ​​Graduate Certificate in Computer Control and Automation ​EEE ​Register here​
​16 ​​Graduate Certificate in Signal and Media Processing ​EEE Register here​​
​17 ​Graduate Certificate in Fintech Essentials ​SPMS Register here​​
​18 ​Graduate Certificate in Precision Instrumentation ​SPMS ​Register here​​
​19 ​Graduate Certificate in Semiconductor ​SPMS Register here​​
​20 ​Graduate Certificate in Photonics ​SPMS ​Register here​


No MiniMasters™ Title School Link
1 MiniMasters™ in Learning & Development NIE Register here
2 MiniMasters™ in Special Education NIE Register here
3 MiniMasters™ in Accounting Management NBS Register here
4 MiniMasters™ in Business Analytics NBS Register here
5 MiniMasters™ in Business Finance NBS Register here
6 MiniMasters™ in General Management NBS Register here
7 MiniMasters™ in Marketing Management NBS Register here
8 MiniMasters™ in Professional Development: Writing, Research, and Practical Ethics in the Information Age SoH Register Here
9 MiniMasters™ in Experimental and Computational Biology SBS Register Here
10 MiniMasters™ in Educational Management NIE Register Here
11 MiniMasters™ in Physical Activity and Health NIE Register Here
12 MiniMasters™ in Advanced Pedagogical Practices NIE Register Here